You have to help me …


  1. What I do…

I am always looking to Pinterest and Polyvore for guidance on outfits, or well pretty much everything.  I love the fact that a lot of other people out there have already done the work FOR me! You can easily look to Pinterest and Polyvore for all types of suggestions and ideas. In Pinterest you can use search terms such as “what to wear” or “family photo inspiration! Polyvore is another great site that allows you to “build a custom look” by using easy terms “navy cardigan” or “orange skinny jeans” in the search field and it will show you a ton of options to pick and pin from!


This is a little “1999” and maybe style gurus will bring it back again someday but not today. But until then, matching is a no-no. You can however coordinate your style and colors. So how do you pull off coordinating without matching? I suggest start by choosing a color group or category, then staying within that range you can pick and choose items that look good together.  Try starting with one person as the starting point (maybe the pickiest one), then try to coordinate with their outfit.  Examples: gray/navy/pink, teal/yellow/blue, orange/blue/brown, green/blue, purple/light blue, gray/red, yellow/blue/green.

  1. Avoid loud patterns and graphics.

Usually I love patterns, but I just prefer clients to choose clothing that will not clash with the others in the picture, or will take away from their faces. Besides, the whole reason you’re spending the money on portraits is so that you can show that pretty smile, right? I do love using patterns, and sometimes it is okay but it is a fine line to walk! But… that lends into number 4 – accessories – you can add a touch of pattern by wearing a trendy floral pattern on a headband, or a fancy dancy tie on a guy. I also ask, unless it is a Senior Session or a Styled Product session, try to steer clear of all the big name brand logo’s.

  1. Accessorize- OF COURSE!!!!

Just be careful, because there is a fine line between adding a splash of color to your outfit or drawing too much attention to it and away from your face. For example, if a woman chooses a long, sleek, plain sundress – then adds a single colored belt for a pop of color; well that will probably look great. But if that same dress has a large multi-colored harley belt, not so much! For up-close face shots, I love for your accessories to match your personality; maybe large, funky earrings that add a lot of texture or color will really add dimension to the photo for a tight face shot!  But, if your style is more classic, then those beautiful pearls will look just as good. 

I also suggest layers, our weather in NC can be unpredictable, it is easier to remove clothing then it is to add clothing that you do not have or that doesn’t go well with the shoot.

  1. Dress for you, your body and your style!

Be comfortable and confident but when I say “comfortable” I am do not mean to wear sweat pants!  I just mean don’t wear something that you will constantly be worrying about, adjusting (such as a strapless shirt that keeps slipping down) or doesn’t fit well (like the pair of pants that ALMOST fits perfectly, sans the fact they have to be adjusted after each step to avoid a “camel toe”). This is the time for better or worse, to break out the Spanx and iron that shirt! Whatever it might be that you want to hide, “enhance” or smooth out, definitely try to do that with your clothing and your posture. I do not use a lot of editing on my portraits, which means, let’s look and do our best during the shoot.

  1. Give me a shoutout…

Feel free to text, call or message me.  I am not a fashionista but I can do my best to help.

  1. Some simple DO’s and DON’Ts

Do pick clothes that you are comfortable in AND look good in.

Do try on ALL the clothes before coming to a photo shoot.  Trying it on for the first time at a shoot is a big NO NO.

Do take a sample shot of everyone dressed in their outfits, or a shot of them laid out on the bed and send them to me.  I will give you my honest opnion on if it looks good.

Do have a nice bright light on when trying on and picking out clothes for the shoot.

Don’t worry about bringing too many clothes, just try to bring a variety.

Don’t forget to pay attention to your nails – (both finger and toes) any chips will show in the photos!

Don’t bring clothes that wrinkle easily, or will show any stains that you may pick up along the way.