Preparing for a Newborn Session

First off, Congratulations!  I want to take a minute and explain a little about the session and what to do to help make it as easy as possible.  Once you have decided to schedule Newborn session with The Spinning Compass Photography, we will schedule a consultation meeting to go over your needs and wants.  At this time we will also schedule a “tentative date” and I say “tentative” because I know how unpredictable the arrival of these precious little babies can be.  After the birth, you will let me know and we will work together to schedule the exact sess

ion date.  Keep in mind that newborns are best photographed before they reach 10 days old.  During this stage they sleep more (& better), they have not developed anything such as cradle cap, baby acne, or colic. 

Please remember or ask about all of our packages, discounts and specials so that you pick out the best package for you and your family. 

I know that having a newborn is a delicate time and you want to do everything you can to keep him or her healthy so during this time I can come to your home.  I will bring sanitizing spray and wipes to clean all items that will be used in the session before I arrive and once I have set up.  It will take approximately 20-30 minutes for me to unload, clean and set up.

While I am setting up, I always recommend to use this time to fed the newborn.  We all know that a full belly makes everyone happy!  But do not worry, I understand that we may have to stop several times during the session for diaper changes, feedings, or soothing.  A typical newborn session takes 2-3.5 hours from my arrival to my exit.

While the baby is sleeping we will get as many shots as we can of the newborn, during this time I try to get just shots of the baby.  This way we are positive we got some good photos of the baby.  After we get the shots of just the baby we will move on the include the other shots that we discussed during our consultation. 

Remember that a newborn loves warmth, so I suggest keep the house warm by turning up the heat just slightly about 20 minutes before I arrive.  This may make it slightly warm for everyone else, but babies respond so much better when they are nice and snuggly.  You may want to dress yourself and others on the lighter side for this reason.  I will also bring a heating blanket to help slightly as well. 

I will bring my own props and materials but you can also set out some special items to be incl

uded in the session.  Also before I arrive, think about the areas that you want to be photographed in (if there is a specific look you are going for; such as a fireplace for a newborn and sibling shot).  Try to be prepared by having outfits set out, BUT do not get siblings dressed until right before we are ready because the last thing you want is for them to get dirty while we are shooting the newborn.  If needed we can get sibling and newborn shots first.

The biggest advice that I can give is: