Lifestyle & Event Photography


While portraits and mini sessions are great, I just love, love, love Lifestyle Photography! 

Let me explain, Lifestyle & Event Photography are a type of true to life, in the moment, action or candid photography.  They aim to capture you in real-life situations with raw emotions and in a manner, that is similar to photojournalism with a mixture of fine art & portraiture. The goal for any Lifestyle or Event Photography Session is to capture the true story.  Lifestyle and Event Photography are similar except Lifestyle can be set up for any reason or no reason, whereas Event Photography is during a birthday or special prearranged event.


Some Frequently Asked Questions:


How do you explain Lifestyle and Event Photography?

It’s those candid, real life moments that mean the most.  It is all about the fun, unexpected, unplanned, natural emotions and unpredictable outcomes.  Almost all of the photos from each session are truly candid in nature, except for any shot that we just have to set up.

For a Lifestyle Photography Session, it’s those moments where you are bringing home a new baby, or even a new pet, it’s decorating the Christmas Tree, a family Easter egg hunt, going on a new adventure, picking out a Christmas tree or a Halloween Pumpkin, celebrating a new home, etc. 

For an Event Photography Session, it is all about capturing the story behind the event, the people, the food, the decorations, the celebrations, etc.  We also offer a Photobooth Set up for any event.  We provide a backdrop and the accessories and one of our photographers can be stationed to take the photos. 


What to wear?

Lifestyle Sessions - In these sessions, you can dress as you please, formal or informal, but I would recommend dressing for the background, weather and reading our What should I wear section.  When I say dress for the background, what I mean is, if we are doing a Fall Lifestyle Session at the pumpkin patch then you wouldn’t want to have the kids or yourself in a pastel colored sleeveless dress… instead you would probably want jeans and long sleeve shirt with boots...  BUT if you want the dress we will do the dress, I am here for you.

Event Sessions – Whatever the dress code is for the event is just fine with me.


Who can you bring?

Lifestyle Sessions - I recommend keeping it to the immediate family, the main characters of the story.  Of course, if the story that you are trying to tell includes more than those in your immediate family, then we will make it happen.  More people may take more planning on my end, and more patience’s during the session on your end.   When we set up the session we will discuss all of the fine details.

Event Sessions – There is no limit or rule to the amount of people.


Where can we do the session?

The great thing about these sessions is that I come to you. 

Lifestyle Sessions are great because we can go anywhere, we can take them in your home, a family vacation home, a park, a hiking spot, a pumpkin patch, the fair, etc.  Basically, I am following you around like paparazzi – but with more class of course.  But this is also where the number of people might make a big difference as well.

Event Sessions is held wherever you are having your event.


Will you travel?

Of course, I will!  I do not charge a Travel Fee within a 50-mile radius of Clemmons, anything over that there is a Travel Fee to cover my expenses.  During our first meeting, we will discuss all the details.


How many pictures will you take?

The number of pictures vary for these sessions because so many factors are at play.  But I try my best to get as many as I can.



These packages & pricings are a little different then the regular portrait packages, since they are more candid and less structured.


  • Family Day Out - $300

Plan a fun outing for your family, event, or even in your home; just invite me along to capture it! The sessions are 3 hours long and will include 1 location.


  • Newborn Lifestyle Portraits - $400

Once you bring your sweet newborn home and get settled, invite me to come and follow you for the day.  I recommend scheduling this session when your sweet baby is around 7 – 10 days.  My newborn sessions are about you remembering the first real moments of your baby’s life, outside of the hospital and transitioning to this new way of life. The session will last 4 hours of just documenting your life.  While 4 hours seems like a long time, we have to allow time for changings, feedings, and other normal newborn activities; so, I try to get in as much shooting time as I can during those 4 hours.  I would also recommend that you book this session while you’re in your 3rd trimester.