All packages include a in person consultation to build the best package for you.

Here are a few of our frequently asked questions:

What equipment do you use?  

  • I use Nikon cameras with a mixture of both prime and zoom lenses, depending on each shots needs. I have a range of Nikon lenses but also enjoy using Sigma and Tamron. Of course I do love shooting in natural light but sometimes I must use Nikon speedlights as external flashes when needed as well as a range of flashes, softboxes, etc.

What if something happens to your equipment while we are shooting? 

  • I am always prepared and I always shoot with two camera bodies, two flashes and multiple lenses, batteries and SD cards. Sometimes I will even have a second shooter.

What happens if an emergency comes up or you are sick on the day of my session or event?

  • Of course there is always a chance that an extreme emergency or illness comes up but if that happens I will do everything that I can to find someone equally as capable to photograph your day for you, you will not be left stranded. This is discussed in our contract, and it not only deals with me as the photographer but also you as the client and any emergencies you may have. 

What happens if it the weather doesn’t cooperate on the day of my session?

  • I always try to keep up with the weather leading up to an event and I will again check the weather on the day of. If it looks like there is a high chance of inclement weather that makes shooting impossible or desirable then we will reschedule at no cost to you. 

Can I bring my own camera and take pictures or can my friend take pictures during the shoot?

  • I am sorry but bluntly the short answer is NO. You are investing your hard earned money to have me do the work, and I am using my time, talent, experience and knowledge to give you some beautiful images. Plus, it can be confusing and cause distractions for everyone.

Do you use an assistant or second shooter?

  • This will depend on the situation, event or session. I do have an assistant – My husband, who is extremely talented and sees creatively with a different eye.

  How long will it be before my images are ready?

  • This will depend on how my workflow at the time of your session. Normally,  I say 1-2 weeks for regular sessions and 3-14 weeks for weddings. The time can be shorter if it is in the off season or longer for busy seasons. 

Why do you give low resolution images and what is the difference between the low resolution and high resolution images?

  • We give you the low resolution images with every session and wedding because they can be downloaded directly from your gallery; they are very small files optimized and suitable for the internet - emailing, Facebook, Google Plus, etc. You will not be able to make any type of prints from the low resolution images; this is for everyone’s protection. If you would like to make your own prints, or album, or canvas then you will need to purchase the high resolution images if they are not included in the package. The high resolution images are much larger files that will look the best when printed. When you receive the high resolution images, we also give you a print release that you can print off if needed to prove you are allowed to print these and are not breaking any copyright laws. It is against the law to print any images that you do not have permission for and some places will require the print release before they will print your images.

What exactly does the session fee cover?

  • All session fees will cover my time, the time corresponding to you about the session, driving to and from, the time used actually taking the photographs during your scheduled time, the time used in editing your images and processing any orders. Not to mention, that if course a portion of your fee will go taxes and insurance. Once your images are processed I will send you a link and password to a private gallery on our website that contains your edited images. You will be able to purchase professional prints and products from your gallery and you can share this link with anyone that you chose so that they can do the same. 

What you get with each package (excludes the mini sessions):

  • Pre-session consultation: Let’s have coffee while we plan, we'll discuss your location (I can find a location or you can find a location), wardrobe, and any other necessities. I will have some forms for you, so, we will sign a portrait agreement, a model release (if you choose) and any other forms, I will also collect the remainder of your session fee (deposit will be made at the time of booking). We're happy to meet at my office, or at any cafe within 15 minutes of the Clemmons area.
  • Optional - In-person ordering: We'll meet one additional time (if you would like), at my office, to present your awesome portraits. This is optional because I will upload your images to a private gallery on the website.  But if you choose this meeting, we will work together to choose the prints and products that will best suit your wants and needs. Payment for any products is due at this time through the online system.

How do I book you for a session or event?

  • Send me an email and we will discuss the details such as dates and locations for each sessions or event then I will get a contract out to you to book your session. If it is a wedding or event, then we will set up a time to meet and discuss. Once I receive the contract back along with the required deposit, your event will be booked. 

Do you travel outside of the Triad Area?

  • Depending on the session, event or situation and depending on the location - Yes, but I will just ask for a Travel Fee to cover the mileage, gas, lodging (if needed) or minor travel expenses. I love to travel so I am also always open to travel for designation weddings or events.

Do you offer discounts?

  • Yes, we have several discount options:
  • 10% for referring us to your friends (we must get 5 booked & paid sessions)
  • 5% if you pay in full at the time of booking
  • ***For our larger packages we also offer an extra discount for permission to use the images / story on our blog.

Do you require a deposit?

  • Yes, 25% nonrefundable, at the time of the booking for most packages. 

What about refunds?

  • If for some reason you have to cancel, we will refund the amount paid (minus the deposit) as long as it is done 2 weeks prior to the expectant due date; if not then we will only refund ½ of the paid amount (minus the deposit).

Do you offer payment plans?

  • We do, but only for our Exclusive packages, such as the Birthing Package, Wedding, etc.


Birthing Photography:

  • All birth story collections include on-call service, 24/7, from 38 to 42 weeks’ gestation, and photographic coverage during active labor, birth, and the first hours after birth. A $100 discount is offered to clients who elect to sign a model release.