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Birthing Photography

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Birthing Photography

What is “Birthing Photography”?

A photographer is with you during your labor stages, while you are giving birth and some time afterwards.  The goal is to capture that once in a lifetime moment that you want to remember forever.

Why should you hire a “Birthing Photographer”?

I get asked a lot of times, why can’t Dad just take the pictures – and my answer is simple : If dad is taking the pictures then who is holding your hand, who is encouraging you to push?  And for dad, he is stuck behind the camera and while he is still enjoying it he is missing moments.

Is “Birthing Photography” expensive?

Unfortunately, it isn’t cheap; I have even seen other photographers compare it to the cost of hiring a wedding photographer.  That is because with “Birthing Photography” it can be a lot harder to do then a portrait, mini session or even a wedding for the simple fact that with child birth anything can happen at any moment, nothing is set in stone, not much can be planned.  This makes planning hard on both the “parents” and the photographer.  We keep our schedule slim during your last 4 weeks of pregnancy, so that we can do everything in our power to be by your side.  During this four weeks we have to plan our lives around the possibility of your impeding labor.  We also have to plan careful around this time for you and our other clients, so we don’t loose those precious moments for anyone.  We do everything in our power to be with you during this precious time and for a short period afterwards.

Our goal is to be there when the time is right, to the best of our ability.  We try to work with you during your pregnancy so that we get to know each other and also so that we can know what complications could arise during the labor process.  When we think you are close to giving birth, we will be packing our bags as you are yours.  The goal is to be completely ready to go with all of our gear in hand at any time of the day or night. 

As you know labor is one of those times where modesty is out the window – so I truly feel that getting comfortable before the big day is crucial for everyone involved, which is why I made a little list of our process for our “birthing clients”.  But I do know that sometimes things happen and you can’t always predict when our little ones will join us especially with unexpected preterm deliveries, so we try our best to work around all situations

Our process:

  1. First meeting with parents to be, just to chit chat and get to know one another.
  2. Keep us updated regularly on your progression during the pregnancy.
  3. We like to do a pregnancy photo shoot with our “Birthing” clients, this way we can talk more and get a little more comfortable with each other.  We can also set up a package to do several times during your pregnancy leading up to the big day.
  4. Second meeting (depending on how early in the pregnancy you have contacted us).
  5. Check with your doctor and the hospital that you will be delivering at about their procedure for having an outside photography, I can assist with this if needed.
  6. Then the wait begins.

Once you are ready or think you are ready:

  1. Call me if you have to go to the hospital for any reason, because these things can happen fast.  Once I get your call I will be on stand by waiting for further information.
  2. Once you have a confirmed active delivery, then I will head your way; this is usually around 5 – 6 cm.  Unless your doctor has other plans, then you just let me know what they are and we will work around them.
  3. What expectations do you have… any shots that I must try to get (siblings, mother, father, cord cutting, etc.).  Just remember that birth’s are unpredictable and I cannot get in the way of the hospital staff, nor can I violate their rules.  So we do our best to get as many wonderful shots as possible.
  4. I will be there during your labor and birthing process for a determined amount of hours and then after birth I will stay for an additional hour as the staff cleans the baby and finishes up their duties.  Once you are in a room and rested I will come back for another hour to get some nice family baby shots.  ***Unless we specify otherwise in our meetings.
  5. If you have chosen a package with me then we will do a newborn session roughly 5-7 days after the birth.   ***If you do no choose a package and want to do a newborn session then we can do that as well for an additional charge.


I highly recommend choosing a photography package from us so that you get the best deal. 


If you cannot or are not comfortable with a birthing photography, then I also offer a “First Moments” Package.  This is for 2 hours after you have given birth but before you leave the hospital.  I try to do this when you have your most precious visitors (grand parents, children, etc).


Contact us for more information, packages and prices.


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