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Holiday Time

December 20, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

What does this time of the year mean for you and your family?  For me its about spending time with loved ones, remembering and cherishing traditions of those that are no longer with us and just believing in all of the magic in this world.  

My great grandmother was one of the most influential people in my life and she passed in my early teens, probably when I needed her strength the most and maybe that is why I hang onto her memory, but regardless it still feels like it was yesterday to me.  I remember her all year long but around the holidays it is like I am overwhelmed with little thoughts of her.  The way she played Silent Night on the piano, even after arthritis had almost crippled  her fingers.  How she loved us unconditionally and whole heartedly.  I can remember the "doodle bugs" and her song she would sing about them.  I can remember the way her house looked and all of the little details.  Every holiday we had Christmas at her house and our family seemed like it was so huge and so full of love and happiness during that time.  It was like no matter what the world was throwing at us, the world was erased during these visits with her.  

My grandma (my great grandmothers daughter) is another one of those women that I will never forget.  She passed away when my kids were very little and I hate that my children never felt the love from these two, as I did.  I feel like after they passed everything changed - the holidays weren't the same, the family traditions changed and we all drifted apart.  

My Uncle Carl, Aunt Reba, Grandma Stanley... the list goes on and on when it comes to the people that I admire who are no longer with us.

It just seems like family and traditions are not as strong as they use to be.  Relationships aren't as strong as they use to be.  It just seems like the respect and care is lost among us now, it is hard to make time for each other and when we do we always are distracted.  It seems as if lines are blurred and its more about "tolerating" people instead of enjoying each other... oh and don't get me started on the distractions and seeing everyones heads in their phones, and yes I am guilty.  Sometimes the family dynamics are upsetting and we don't get along as well as we should and then other years we are happy and loving, so you just roll with the punches, and move on!!!  Don't get me wrong it isn't always perfect and we always have our fair share of issues but we try - and that is what counts!!!  I am not a perfect mom, wife, grandmother, sister, daughter, niece, etc but I love my family and I wish them nothing but the best regardless of what is going on at any given moment.  But that is what makes us humans - we change, we grow, we love, we argue, we aren't perfect, we move on, we come back together again.

As for my house we decorate, we try to make a ginger bread houses, we take tons of photos, we cook dinners or breakfast (depends on who is around) and we just try to enjoy each other.  Some years just seem harder then others, in the past my husband was overseas working during the holidays, or I was as well... so this year we are extremely excited because we are all here together!  This year we have been remodeling our home so it has been a little crazy, and the decorating isn't going up like I would like but oh well, we have next year and the house is looking amazing!!!  
What about you, what do you do for Christmas or the Holidays? My GrandsonIt warms my heart to see my grandson playing on the piano that I played on as a child. The very one that my great grandmother would play music for us.


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