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Mail Order Food Subscription

November 08, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

We recently tried Pantry Boy (, it is a Mail Order Food Subscription that I had seen on Groupon.  I have been wanting to try these services for some time but I have always been worried about the quality and quantity of these services.  I mean come on anyone with males in their home know that you have to cook for an army in order to satisfy them, and I also like to have leftovers for lunch the next day.  Let me stress this, NO ONE in our family is overweight, the guys are just good eaters - HAHAHAHA!  The appeal to these services are obvious: they come pre sorted, pre decided, pre cut, pre measured and all you have to do is follow the instructions!!! How easy.  No wasting money at the grocery store on impulse buys, no over thinking what you will cook, no wasting ingredients that you purchase too much of... it just makes cooking - EASY AS PIE!!!! Hey who knows maybe even after you are relaxed from not having the stresses of cooking dinner you may just be in the mood to bake that PIE!!!! 

Then one day I was just browsing Groupon and I seen Pantry Boy, and I immediately couldn't resist.  The reason that I chose Pantry Boy is because it is primarily for Slow Cookers/Crockpots and we all know how much I love meals that are easy to cook in a Slow Cooker.  With Pantry Boy you can choose Omnivore, Carnivore, or Vegetarian and then you choose 2 or 4 people shipments.  Heck they will even through in a Slow Cooker with a 10 week commitment.  You can cancel, hold or edit your shipments as needed - which is awesome because we travel fairly often and this would defeat the purpose of saving money if we couldn't put a week on hold.  I checked out their menu and was a little nervous because I have picky people in my home, but thought this might be a way to get everyone to try new things.  It took about 8 days for the first order to be processed and shipped, but I got updates the entire time so that I knew what was going on.

The day came and I received a message that the box was out for shipment and I couldn't be happier, no honestly, I was excited to try this service.  The Fedex dude set the box on the door step (they usually don't even ring the door bell or knock which is so annoying but that is another topic) and I heard his truck so I went and grabbed the box.  Immediately, I began opening it up .... and I was so happy with everything that I seen.  First the box comes extremely insulated and has several ice packs located near the meat.  Each meal was bundled and labeled and the recipe sheets were right on top.  You couldn't mess this up if you tried.  One thing I was surprised about because I either missed it on their website or it wasn't there but all the items were labeled with "organic, local farm fresh" type stickers.  That was an extra added bonus because the ingredients looked fresh and extremely good.  

Arrived & Packed   Arrived & Packed

Arrived & Packed

Arrived & Packed

I did my first meal that day and realized that my fears of the quantity were real.  I had to add a little something extra from my own pantry to make enough food for my family of 4.  But, I will say it wasn't missing much, it just needs a little extra of each item and it would have been plenty.  I received 3 meals total and to break up the "Slow Cooker" meals I did them every other day.  I just sat the bundles in the fridge so that nothing could get misplaced and checked on them every now and then just to make sure things didn't go bad or look bad.  The following days I did the other two meals and quantity is my only compliant because with all three meals I had to add a little something extra to make it a big enough meal for our family.  I loved the variety and the freshness of the items, they were sealed and well packed so they didn't go bad during these few days.  The instructions were clear and easy to follow (it also gave instruction so you could also cook these meals by stove if you liked).  My son wasn't pleased with the meals but as I said earlier, I have picky eaters.  I was happy that he at least tried everything.  Everyone else seemed to enjoy the menu but just wished their was more of it.

In the end, I canceled the subscription just because of the quantity, I felt like if I have to add my own items then I wasn't saving much money or time by doing this and wasn't that the point?  I may try some of the other services just to compare the price, quantity and menus in the future but I may have to order 6 person meals if they have them since 4 person meals may just be too little.  The same goes for this service, if I ever receive notice that Pantry Boy has increased their quantity then I would love to try them again as well!!!  If you stress over what to cook or the price of food at the grocery store or not having enough time to go to the store then trust me this service is amazing and I highly recommend it!!!  The quality was great and maybe for most families the quantity will be as well.  



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