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Going Home

December 20, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Omg we'll be home before we know it I cannot wait!!!! I want to hug my daughter so tight and then when that baby boy joins us I will squeeze him and smother him with my kissies!!!!! I want to hug all my family and friends, I will cry for hours I'm sure. I want to talk to my Parrot, Echo. Boy, I have missed everyone so much.  Traveling is great but there is no place like home. This has taught me a lot and I've seen some amazing things, done things for the first time and tried foods I've never would have imagined (wildebeest sausage for example) and I appreciate everything we've been able to see and do. I'm blessed beyond words for the life I have but I still miss home!!! Our stay in the states won't be long enough before we return to Swazi but I have grown to feel at home (it's not home that is in the states!!!) here and I will miss my Justice and Kitty so there's a good/bad to this lifestyle and it's not for everyone - I'm undecided if it's for me but I am not a quitter and I have met a few people here that are just wonderful which makes life away from home easier. So I guess we'll see what the future holds and take it one day at a time but right now home is where we'll be in just a few weeks!!!

My emotions are in over drive I can’t wait to see my daughter and for her to have my grandson.  It makes me cry just thinking about it but my mind immediately drifts to how in the hell am I going to leave them, so I try not to think too hard on this.  The thought of having time with my close friends and family is just making this month fly by.  We are doing a late Christmas Dinner and Secret Santa Game just to try to see as many people as we can in one visit.  Two weeks isn’t enough to make your rounds to see everyone.  I have realized from when Justin has come home we spend so much time preparing him just to leave again, getting the things he needs to take back, working on small projects that have to get done, etc. it is like you run out of time before you are even comfortable in your old bed.

There is so much I want to do and EAT… you have no idea what it is like to have a craving for something that you just cannot get!  A week or two ago we finally got our containers in that had some AMERICAN items that I have been dying without.  I have made do with local products that are similar but there is nothing like A1 sauce or Rotel!!!  But back to eating at home, I want to finally have real “American” Mexican food, real “American” Asian food!  Just a normal hot dog would make me cry right now.  

Then the thought of getting in my Ford and just driving to a gas station would be so amazing.  How about a day at the Mall eating a fresh made fattening cookie from the Cookie house at Hanes Mall… that is pure heaven and a tradition that I have had since I was little; no mall trip is complete with out a pretzel or cookie!  We take these little things for granted! 

One thing that is hard for a lot of people to understand is that I will be happy to go out to eat and not worry if I will get sick after it and if I do where will I go?  I am not meaning in the since of nastiness, I have had a lot of stomach issues and one day I will go into depth but because of these issues I get sick super easy and there is no rhyme or reason it.  Things will make me have WARNING - yes this is nasty - but uncontrollable bouts of bad things from either end and I need a bathroom as soon as I get that feeling.  It makes me not want to eat a lot of times and being in Africa there isn’t gas stations or a lot of stores with bathrooms or “sanitary” bathrooms so I am always dreading driving long distance and eating out; you could literally drive for miles before you see a public store and the chances of it having a bathroom could be slim to none, gas stations are even more rare to see in a lot of areas.  So to be able to go for a two-hour drive after eating chicken wings will be such an experience for me because I know that we have bathrooms EVERYWHERE and they are CLEAN!!!! 

But really it is the little things that you miss and you don’t realize it until its gone - cliche I know but it is true.



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