Hey guys, I am Kimberly or Kim, whichever you choose is fine by me.  I am a 30 something North Carolina girl that has traveled the world and most recently lived in Swaziland Africa, crazy I know!  Have you ever heard of Swaziland… no me either until my husband got transferred to a job site here and I decided to live outside the bubble of my comfort zone and move with him. 

I am your typical North Carolinian, I love both the beach and the mountains (living in the center of NC makes it easy to travel to either one on any given day), I love home cooking, bon fires, chicken stews, camping, hiking, big trucks, Harley's and most of all, my family.  I have 2 amazing kids - well wait I don't have 2 kids, I raised 1 amazing daughter who now has 2 babies of her own and my son is a teenager, so they will be upset with calling them "kids" (but they will always be my babies no matter how old I guess).  We also have 1 Shih Tzu that thinks she is a child - a spoiled one at that and one bird that also thinks he is a child.

I call myself a forever student because I firmly believe you can never learn enough, trust me I haven’t.  Since I graduated high school as a single mom I have been to college 3 times and have degrees, certifications or diplomas for medical management/office administration, billing and coding, as well as accounting and photography.  I also am currently looking into refresher courses in all of the above or going further and getting my bachelors in either education, photography, human resources or  management (these are skills I can use if we continue to travel overseas).  Even with my education, I am not a great writer and my grammar sucks so bare with me (in all my classes I never really focused on this, maybe I should have but I get caught up in other things). 

I am a book and movie geek, everything in life can be relatable back to a book that I have read or a movie that I have seen, which cracks my husband up when I say “but haven’t you seen…”.  Books take me away from this world, it is one of my stress relievers.  I pick up a good book, a drink (alcoholic or not), curl up on the couch or outside in the beautiful african sun and just get lost into that book.  The characters come alive in my head, the scenes become real and I am immediately stress free!

I am also an amateur photographer, obviously since I took some classes, right lol, but seriously I love to take pictures of EVERYTHING, so maybe one day I will be a PRO (I don't think I will ever call myself that because I am my biggest critic)!  This is another stress reliever for me. I love to pick up the camera and start shooting, trying to tell a story of what you are seeing through your lens.  But afterwards, when I look at the images I took is just a great feeling, even if I only get one good shot. 

I also love love love Pinterest, so basically I am a wanna be DIY'er and cook.  Be on the look out for some of my new creations but be warned I screw up a lot but at least it is fun! I don't know what we did before Pinterest (or google), I find all kinds of great ideas from here everything from cooking to fashion, yoga to photography.  All of my interest in one place WOW!!!!  Heck my whole wedding was planned with the HELP of Pinterest ideas.

Yoga and health is a new obsession, about a year ago I decided to try out yoga because of my health issues (another topic at another time).  I fell in love with how I felt afterwards and have been self teaching ever since.  As for the "healthy" part of my life, well I pretty much grew up with a mom who was health conscious, teaching me about vitamins or things she read so this isn't new but I never really took it seriously until now, a little late I guess but better then never. I am trying to cut out all of the processed food substance that we put into our bodies and eat a little better, work out a little more and just try to be conscious of the fact that my body is my temple and I need to take care of it, especially after the hard life I have put it through.  I do try new things and have been researching ways to eat better so you may see a topic or two about these things.

One of the main things to know is that I had sworn to myself a few years back (after some horrible life situations) that I would never take for granted anything or anyone in my life, I would live without regrets, I would let go of anger and forgive easier, I would try everything once and truly experience life because you get only one chance to do it so why not do it to the best of your ability and be happy at it!!!  Living by that has been hard because I am a chicken at heart, I over analyze and worry too much so I hope you join me on this crazy journey that I call my beautiful disaster!!!!

The journey hasn't been easy for any of us in my family but we make the best of it and enjoy life every day.  We know that each day that we wake up is a new day to start over, make changes or continue our path. 

Now you know a little about who I am, I am sure I will talk more about me and everything else as time goes on, that is the point of the blog, right?


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