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New Years Tradition

December 31, 2016 - I want to take a minute to talk Tradition... What is your New Years Traditions, do you make resolutions? Do you have spe...
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New Year New Us!!!

December 31, 2016 - For the past year we have gone through many changes and many of you know I had to have several surgeries over the last 2...
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DYI Decor

December 20, 2016 - I love to decorate our home for the holidays but I try to keep it on a budget. As most of you know I love coupons and ap...
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New Recipe!

December 06, 2016 - So I am trying to eat fairly decent, no ordering out, cooking and using as many fresh ingredients that I can. Every Sund...
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Mail Order Food Subscription

November 08, 2016 - We recently tried Pantry Boy (, it is a Mail Order Food Subscription that I had seen on Groupon. I...
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First Stop! New Orleans!

April 13, 2016 - I have always been drawn to NOLA, I can't remember when I first learned of the beautiful and ugly history, all I know is...
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Vacation Time!!!

April 09, 2016 - Well what happened was…. Isn’t that how a good story always starts (well that and a few drinks) … But seriously my husba...
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Time to Coupon

March 25, 2016 - Since I came back to the States I have realized that the groceries here are EXPENSIVE!!!! So, that means I have to get m...
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Birthing Photography

March 24, 2016 - Birthing Photography What is “Birthing Photography”? A photographer is with you during your labor stages, while you ar...
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February 13, 2016 - I am sorry it has been so long since my last post. I have had a lot of medical appts and flying back and forth to Swazil...
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February 15, 2015 - We have gone to Hlane 3 times now. So far I would have to say it is one of my favorite places in Swaziland. Why you ask...
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Chimpanzee Eden - Nelspruit

February 08, 2015 - Usually on Sundays we are up early and out the door trying to find something to do, not this Sunday, we woke up late and...
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Phophonyane Falls

December 27, 2014 - One of our many “just drive” days we woke up with no destination in mind but since it was a day to explore we decided to...
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Going Home

December 20, 2014 - Omg we'll be home before we know it I cannot wait!!!! I want to hug my daughter so tight and then when that baby boy joi...
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Our Anniversary

December 07, 2014 - Today is our first anniversary. The present for your first anniversary is supposed to be paper????? Paper that is boring...
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November 10, 2014 - Mlilwane is a small but beautiful park. It may not be able to stand up to the other parks as far as the big game goes, b...
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